Kevin and Tisha

Married June 2011

I joined Omaha Love because I had decided that I wanted to find a truly meaningful relationship instead of the dead-end relationships I was experiencing. I had been going on many dates over about a year's time when I met Kevin by total accident. 

My plans had fallen through for the weekend so I let my matchmaker know (coincidentally, so did he). I had some pretty stringent rules and was refusing other dates for reasons I thought were justified; however, seemingly small reasons in retrospect. Thankfully, my matchmaker was coaching me on this. She asked if I wanted to meet Kevin and without looking at his profile, I agreed. Again, thankfully I did it without giving it much more thought because I may have said no again. Kevin and I had an awesome time and we have been together ever since. As a matter of fact, we were recently married! June 4th is my new favorite date. With a story like this, it must be fate.  

Thank you Omaha Love for making me look at things with an open mind. Without your guidance and encouragement, I would not have been lucky enough to meet Kevin. - Tisha

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