Chip and Mary Ellen

Married August 2012

After hours spent exchanging online dating messages with no results and meeting ladies who were nowhere close to a match, I decided to give Omaha Love dating service a try. It took my matchmaker a few tries (and some coaching) but she linked me to a woman I could never have met online. After Mary Ellen went on vacation with me a month later, I knew I had met a special person. I told her that time would tell if we should be together. I finally gave up waiting and proposed to her a couple of months ago! - Chip        


I joined Omaha Love as a birthday gift to myself. Being retired, I didn't have opportunties to meet new people like I did while working. I was looking for someone to go places and do things with. Thanks to Omaha Love, I found all that in a wonderful man and so much more. We were married in August 2012. It made such a difference having a live matchmaker! A computer couldn't compare in any way. Thanks, Omaha Love! - Mary Ellen

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