Brett and Kristin

Married March 2012

I just want to thank Omaha Love so much for matching me with Kristin! I truly feel so blessed to have her in my life.  From the moment we met, we've had great chemistry and everything just comes so easy and naturally with us. I really feel like we have a growing depth of communication in our relationship. She has every quality I've ever looked for in a woman but just couldn't explain to my matchmaker at the time; sensitive, honest, moral, and encouraging just to name a few! I was pretty nervous and apprehensive about trying another dating service, but after sitting down and talking with you at our initial meetings I felt as if I had to give Omaha Love a try. It was destiny because Kristin and I both signed up for the service around the same exact time! Thank you so much! - Brett

When I first visited Omaha Love I was completely heart broken, but hadn’t given up on the fact that I knew I would find the perfect guy for me. I also knew that nothing in my life would change if I didn’t try something different. So, as luck would have it, I met Brett. He makes me want to be in a relationship again, which a while back would not have been the case - a real miracle! I am so lucky to have met him. I want to thank Courtney and Omaha Love for listening to me and helping me meet Brett. No matter how long he and I are together, I have found love again and trust that God has a plan for me, him and hopefully us. Thank you, Brett for making my heart smile once again. Good luck in love to all who are reading this! - Kristin                         


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