Kayla and Cary

Married October 2018

When I joined Omaha Love, it was primarily because I knew I was finally in the right place to find the love of my life: I had taken the time to make myself happy as a single adult, and had laid a solid emotional foundation of self-love that I knew could support the love of another person. The only trouble was meeting a man who shared my values and could communicate openly, which was not the easiest thing to do with such a hectic lifestyle! 

Some of the greatest components of Omaha Love are that you can work around your own schedule, go at your own pace and that the matchmakers truly take the time to know the type of person you are in order to match you with the kind of person you're looking for. I was looking for a man I could relax around; someone who would make me laugh, support me, challenge me to be a better person, and forgive me when I fell short of that challenge. I wasn't looking for a whirlwind, storybook romance, I was looking for a love that was realistic, durable and solid. I was looking for a love that could withstand a future of financial hardship, sleepless nights or dirty diapers, and could celebrate the moments of hilarity, ridiculousness and passion. I recognize that it was a tall order to request so much of a matchmaker -- and to expect so much from a man. But if you're willing to meet your future partner as an equal -- to also amuse, support, challenge and forgive -- then it's not such a stretch to place your trust in the ability of a matchmaker to find you such a person.

My matchmaker, Alison took the time to understand what I needed and began to send some suggestions my way. I went on some fantastic first dates that led to more, and some that went no further. I experienced the hurt of being rejected and the awkward honesty of rejecting someone else. I even had a few false hopes that I'd met "the one" only to find out four dates later that we would never work out. And then, I met the man who has spent the last year making me genuinely, completely and ridiculously happy. I'm by no means predicting the future, but I would be satisfied and overjoyed to spend the rest of my life with this man by my side. And I seriously doubt I would have connected with him without joining Omaha Love. He's charming, thoughtful, quirky and flawed. He pushes me to become better without asking me to change who I am, and is always ready to make me laugh. I couldn't ask for a better man to love me and be loved by me. 

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