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Dating through regular sites and trying to meet people is extremely difficult. I really never knew what the mindset was of the person I was talking to or meeting. I was happy to start working with Omaha Love. Dating is frustrating enough as it is, but Courtney worked through all my frustrations and helped me keep at it. I am sure that wasn't easy for them!

Omaha Love is a thousand times better than the typical online/standard dating scene. Their methods work. The best part is, you don't have to question what happens next. It's very easily spelled out, and their information is clear. It is really nice to have someone arrange the details of the dates, especially when you are busy; and the best part is, you will know exactly what your date thought after the fact. 

You may have to go out several times with different people, and it might be tough because dating means sometimes being let down. But you know the potential dates are mindful, solid and professional. And then you meet the right person. Thank you, Courtney and Omaha Love!  

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