Christian and Peter

Married September 2016

Omaha Love was a perfect fit for me, as I was never very good at online dating and flirting via email. My matchmaker was like having a friend I trusted to set me up on a date. Omaha Love helped me find matches, told me when they thought someone was a good fit (or not), and would remind me to check my profile when I had new matches. Then, at the end of my contract, I got matched up with Peter, and it was his very first match. On our first date (the day after Valentine's Day) we immediately started talking like old friends, and it took the bartender coming over three times before we even ordered a drink. The romance happened from there and he was everything I had been looking for. It's been three years since our first date and we are now married, bought a house, and just found out we're having twins! All that is possible because of Omaha Love.

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