Jen and Zack

Together Since March 2016

When I decided to sign up for Omaha Love it was on a whim. I was asked to "invest in myself" and I thought, "Sure, I could try that for a change." Of course that doesn't mean I was an easy customer! I had gone on what felt like an incalculable amount of terrible first dates with online dating, and even though I had signed up for the service, I wasn't really sure I could put myself though it. I was frustrated, tired, and disillusioned. Alison was so kind to me. She was patient, she listened, and she spent time getting to know me and what I wanted in a relationship.

When she first called me about Zack she told me, "Either you two will hit it off fantastically or you'll end up best friends." It turns out we did both. Zack was someone I would have never found on my own, but I am so grateful to have been led to him. When something terrible or wonderful happens in my life, he's the person I want to tell. We are a team and my life is better for having him in it. I've found happiness and contentment, which is more than I expected out of a dating service. While it wasn't always easy or comfortable, I remain glad for the investment I made. Thank you, Alison, for pushing me to value a part of my life that I was ready to just dismiss.  

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